Building the Future
with New Global Mythology

Free eWorkshop with Willi Paul

A R C H I V E from June 18, 2014

Work Product from Participants:

Heart-Dreaming - Richard Whitehurst (pdf)

Emotional Hash - Sherrill Anne Layton (pdf)

WE ARE THE MUSES – Judith Judith (pdf)

Reclaiming Our Common Heritage – Myra Jackson (pdf)

The Will – Aleksandar Malecic (pdf)

What Will/Should Be the New Myths? Global Myths? – Arthur George (pdf)

"HoneyComb" (PhotoMontage) – Bonnie Bright (pdf)

"Armagedom" – Ian Weatherseed (mp3 )

"The Garden Symbol in Old & New Mythology. A Resource for Teachers." – Willi Paul (html)

"Live Capture Movie from eWorkshop" (mov )

Why should you participate?
• Gain new tools for the advancement of global stories and culture
• Find people with like-minded visions; Make new friends
• Explore the emerging field of post-classical mythology
• Better understand the role of Nature, Permaculture, Alchemy and the Sacred in building New Myths

Why do you need to produce and share a new piece of work for this experience?
• Potential benefits from preliminary exploration of the subject matter and sharing the work products with the other participants is high
• This is an egalitarian approach in that all participants will offer their perspectives through the one or more of the *required categories (see below)

Why I am offering the course?
• Share the journey; Build community
• Facilitate a positive Initiation
• Receive and offer critique from eWookshop participants
• Challenge assumptions
• Publish works on Magazine and Networks

Video Welcome & eWorkshop Instructions from Willi Paul

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eWorkshop Timeline:

1. Register for 6/18 Webinar

2. June 2 - 17: Participants Send Writing, Sounds or Graphic Art* Contribution to:

(a) Participants writing or art* contributions available on

3. June 17: Last Day to Send In Work Product to Willi:

4. June 18, 5:30 PST: Attend Building the Future with New Global Mythology eWorkshop:

5. Post June 18: eWorkshop Data Archived (voice / song recordings, chats, writings and art) at

*Topics for Participants Work Product Requirement
must reference one or more of the following subject areas:

• Permaculture Symbols
• New Rituals
• New Alchemy
• Myth Lab
• New Myth
• Sound Scapes
• Graffiti, Stories, Poems, Graphics, Photographs
• Nature Lore
• Transition Movement
• Sacred

Additional Media Sources for Workshop Support by Willi:

Life in the Edge - an edu-video on Permaculture Principle 8

JOURNEY TO CASCADIA - Building a New Global Mythology. For the 2012 Study of Myth Symposium

Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition

Workshops by Mr. Paul

Participants Contributions: